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Marcus Pointe Men's Golf Association

Q:  How do you determine your course handicap? What does playing to your handicap mean?
A: Accurate handicaps are very important to MPMGA and our competitions. We now have a handicap committee to help ensure that we follow the U.S.G.A. guidelines for handicaps. Part of our efforts to inform you the ins and outs of maintaining your accurate handicap is to publish information on our website. Click on the handicap page here to see the answers to these questions and much more.
Q:  Who can play from the Gold Tees in a MPMGA event?
A:  Remember, since your required points to pull is based on YOUR last four rounds, please pick a set of tees and play them each week.If you are 70 years old or older, you may elect to play from the Gold tees. If you are 80 years old or older, you may play from the Red tees. Age is the only determining factor for playing a forward tee.

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Pairings for 2/22/2020